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The Dynastar Powertrack 79 CA Xpress really impressed our team during our 2016 test week on the snow. Easy to use both on and off-piste, they provide intermediate to advanced skiers great value for money.
dynastar powertrack 79 ca xpress
Advanced, Recreational
All Mountain
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Recreational to advanced skiers looking for a do it all, easy to handle, all mountain ski
159, 166, 173, 180
Overall Score

The Powertrack range is designed to take skiers from piste to powder (and everything in between) with ease and finesse - this version certainly doesn't disappoint and with its huge 'sweetspot' right underneath the feet, turning on all kids of terrain becomes accessible for skiers of all levels.

For a relatively new ski enthusiast who's had three or four weeks on snow and wants to improve further, explore different kinds of terrain and purchase their first pair of skis, then the Powertrack 79 CA would make a great choice.

The shape and dimensions of the ski don't just allow easy turning but also provide excellent edge grip on harder packed snow - they are not classic 'carvers' and rather prefer a more pivot style of turn, but this extends their versatility across the mountain so that struggling on moguls, chopped up snow and powder become a thing of the past. You still need to do the work, but these skis will help you out more than most.

The tip and tail rocker add to the ease of use and the wood core construction ensures stability, with enough power for skiers who are more aggressive with their turns. If you want to travel fast on all surfaces then they might not be for you - but at slower and moderate speeds they perform with distinction on all kinds of terrain.

Cheap but very far from nasty. With such a good all-round performance the Powertracks are an absolute steal at £350 including bindings - the bargain of the 2016/17 test for us.

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