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Based around the shape of the Cham 97, the Mythic from Dynastar is a lighter version for ski touring aficionados - our team tests them out on the snow in Kuhtai, Austria
dynastar mythic
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Backcountry ski touring for freeride skiers
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Touring skis are not what they used to be - twenty years ago, a touring ski was a skinny, stripped down tool for getting you up the mountain fast, but compromised heavily on performance for the ride back down again. As ski shape changed and the freeride scene evolved, a demand for a product that was as good for coming down as it was for going up grew. Fortunately, technology has allowed manufacturers to build skis that can do both well, with lightweight carbon based materials and advanced construction methods. The Mythic is a great example of this and it's a ski you'd happily ride down the mountain all day long, even if you had no intention of using it to climb.

The 97mm waist seems like an ideal balance for both winter and spring touring in the majority of conditions you'd find in the Alps - sure, some prefer a wider ski for serious big mountain descents when the snow gods really produce some epic pow, but for the vast majority of days out on the hill, we just don't need that kind of width, hence that kind of weight.

On terrain that's more variable, cut up or bumpy, the Mythic's suck it all up like a pimped up Dyson on a stag doo - powerful, playful and free. They certainly turn a few heads with their looks too; sleek, dark yet with an understated charm.

The Paulownia wood core with added carbon construction doesn't stand out from other high-end touring skis in this category, but perhaps their simplicity, quality ingredients and magical dust Dynastar sprinkle over their skis in the Chamonix Valley, combines perfectly to add a little mystic to the Mythic.

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