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K2 have focussed their R&D efforts on a whole new piste range this season - we test the high end of that range in the shape of the Disruption Mti

k2 disruption mti 2020 21 ski
Best for
Strong piste lovers who don't like being punished by their skis
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
A wild K2 ride, entirely focussed on skiing fast
Despite being 'expert' it may not suit racer-type skiers

Long have K2 championed fun over some quasi-academic notion of 'performance'. So while some high-end piste skis seem to take an almost sadistic pleasure in enforcing perfect technique, K2 have zeroed in on what makes groomers fun; going really really fast.

And there's the tag-line: "the new standard in high speed piste performance." Bold words. Are they justified?

Key to maximising the speedy fun is keeping vibrations in check, and K2's 'Dark Matter' dampening is very effective. Combined with two carbon layers, titanal I-Beam tech and 'Powerwall' sidewalls, the Disruption Mti has had the kitchem sink thrown at it!

And it shows. Not only is the ski aggressive and high performing, but it's surprisingly accessible for a ski aimed at experts. It may require a strong skier to get the most out of it, but that's not to say an intermediate skier would feel out of their depth. Maybe that's due to K2's focus on keeping skiing fun.

In essence the Disruption Mti does exactly as it promises; it's excellent in long turns, solid and reassuring on the edge. Short turns require a bit more effort, but that's not to say it isn't nimble, while medium turns can be strung together with great agility, and of course at breakneck speed. The Mti in the name indicates a 'medium turn' speciality.

The stiffness of the ski adds to the ability to crank it up, but it does slightly detract from the usual K2 playfulness; but considering where it's aimed (and that there are bouncier, softer skis in the line) it makes perfect sense. Especially when you're hooning downhill and want to stay entirely gripped to the snow!

Perhaps not the industry-foundation-shaker the name might suggest, but a very solid and exciting piste ski.



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