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The Capita Defenders Of Awesome is a bad-ass mountain slayer that takes no prisoners. We enjoyed defending awesomeness during our on snow test in Austria this spring.

capita defenders of awesome
Advanced, Expert, Recreational
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Mountain charging aggressive riders who have the need for speed.
Overall Score

The most iconic snowboard in their range, the Capita Defenders Of Awesome (AKA: DOA) is an aggressive hybrid camber board ideally suited for intermediate to advanced riders. The traditional camber feel makes it super stable at speed, bulldozing through choppy terrain - it also initiates a fantastic pop for ollies and kickers.

On the flip side, even though the DOA has a hybrid camber, it still suffers from the traditional traits of being slightly unforgiving and makes it easier to catch an edge than some of the other hybrid boards with a more rockered profile. This also means that we had to work the back leg a little harder in powder to keep the float, but having said that, the DOA does perform better in the deep stuff than a traditional camber board.

The DOA is for those big mountain chargers who will bring the best out of the board. It has great turn initiation and a pure dream for aggressive carving. The DOA is twin tipped with a central stance, therefore excellent for long durations when riding switch. The new 'Fortress' Kevlar bound sidewalls gives the board heavy duty protection and kick-ass abilities for slaying those pesky cookie fields.

The board graphics are different for each size and it is fair to say we think they are awesome!

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