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We review the 2020 Jones Mountain Twin, is it the quiver of one snowboard that we hoped for?

jones mountain twin
Advanced, Expert
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Intermediate+ generalist who wants to ride the whole mountain.
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Quiver of one appeal
Bucks you around over uneven terrain

Jones is a predominantly freeride focused company making boards Jeremey Jones loves to ride. The Mountain Twin is a bit of a departure - possibly their most all mountain friendly offering, featuring blunted tips, a mid-stiff twin flex and CamRock profile. We've tested the Mountain Twin before and found it to be versatile and a week on the 2020 version in Chamonix solidified that feeling.

We mainly reviewed this board on piste but had a few decent days in powder. Off piste we found that the bindings need to be nudged back to help with float, otherwise you have to be super heavy off the back foot to stop yourself nosediving. Even with the bindings set back we didn't find this to be a particularly easy-going snowboard to ride, with a fair amount of aggression needed to tame it. Once you assume the right level of grunt and start riding the board off the back foot you can really start enjoying your turns in the powder though.

On piste, this translates to being assertive rather than aggressive, there's an overall lack of damping meaning that chopped up pistes can really chuck you around, so you have to be constantly aware and ride the board rather than let it buck you around. This gives the Mountain Twin plenty of character but can make it tedious if you're riding poor quality pistes all day long. With the right riding style, the Mountain Twin can feel stable but we wouldn't recommend this snowboard for beginners or riders looking for a super playful board.

Initiating a turn can be a little cumbersome but once in the groove edge hold is excellent. Camber underfoot gives you an element of stability and precision, and mellow Magne Traction (Traction Tech 2.0) edges let you really lay down carves.

Overall, the Mountain Twin doesn't excel at any one thing and this may be its downfall as it weakens the overall offering. Having said that if you're looking for a genuine quiver of one and are looking to consistently ride mixed terrain the Mountain Twin may be a good option.

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