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The DC Media Blitz is a pure animal of a board. During our test, we discovered its ability to excel at freestyle, high-speed and carving perfect turns.
dc media blitz
Advanced, Expert
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
For advanced riders who want a stiff freestyle board with a license for mountain charging.
Overall Score

The Media Blitz is Torstein's pro model series and has been updated for 2017 with a new Double Camber profile and inserted carbon stringers. Built for freestyle, we believe that the Media Blitz really should be classed as an All-Mountain Freestyle board.

If you're charging the mountain at high-speed then you'll definitely enjoy this snowboard. The Media Blitz simply does not do slow, it struggles to turn - but as soon as you get up to a higher speed, it holds an edge effortlessly.

The board is certainly quite stiff - but despite this, it feels playful at times. You could easily go for a smaller board than you might normally use - it will still be super stable and carry speed well.

The edge control is simply on another planet, bringing carving and pipe work to a different level. A pure joy.

Advanced riders need only apply as this board needs heaps of aggression to keep it tamed. But if you can handle it, it is worth the effort! As well as its stability on the slopes it's also very solid over kickers and feels very comfortable on landing. You would probably want a slightly more flexible board if you want to concentrate on jibbing the rails and boxes, however, it still rides them well and without fuss.

For those who are into board graphics, the Media Blitz does not disappoint with a series of provocative, old pulp fiction cover-esque style and erotically designed boards across the sizes.

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