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The K2 Party Platter is new for 2017. A delight to review, this is an innovative surf inspired ride for the more advanced snowboarder.
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Advanced, Expert
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All Mountain
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Experienced riders who want a fun, 'surfy' feel.
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Following on from the Cool Bean and brand new for the 2017 season, K2 are introducing the Party Platter. This is a short stubby board designed with a surfing concept in mind and because of the volume shift shaping downsizeTech, the size can be 7-10cm shorter than your usual ride.

K2 have been great innovators for snowboarding over the last few years and claim that the Party Platter brings a 'new vision of freestyle'. The board is flat across the mid-section with rocker tip and tail. Their 'tail kick' is again surf inspired, designed to give the ability of easy switch riding and we all agreed this works well.

The turn initiation and response was incredible and the Party Platter could literally turn on a six pence. It is a fun ride and ideal for dialing in those carves and jibbing off natural side features with a good pop. The surfing concept really hits home while riding powder and is a real joy for such a small board.

The Party Platter also handles the groomers well and felt relatively stable underfoot at speed and was reasonable though choppy terrain. Although not the most forgiving of boards, it will still forgive your sins if you don't ride it too loosely.

As with any new and innovative concept it can take time to get used to, and we believe that given more time, we could grow to love the K2 Party Platter experience.

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