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We had heard so much about the new Mahee V board with its unique third edge and our team couldn't wait to test it out. A glorious powder board that floats with no effort.

mahee v
Advanced, Expert
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Advanced riders that want a fast mountain charger that floats like a boat in powder.
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Not only is Mahee a brand new British snowboard brand, but their flagship V board offers an exciting new concept to snowboarding.

The unique and patented 'V' shaped base runs the whole length of the board, with a third edge running down the middle. This acts like a boat hull when in powder and gives excellent buoyancy in the deep stuff. The Mahee V is a stiff board with traditional camber and a slight rocker past the bindings.

As for mountain charging, the Mahee V is mainly designed for speed, as in order to go as fast as possible you want to be as flat based as possible, however as many of us know this is not always easy to achieve with an uneven slope. What the V allows you to do is to be lightly on an edge without digging it in and slowing you down, but still allows the base to have a lot of contact with the snow. The V needs to be ridden hard and at speed when cruising the slopes as the third edge can make it seem unsteady at a slower speed.

The Mahee V is fitted out with a progressive sidecut with the radius being incrementally increased as the edges reach the contact points. The Mahee V certainly had very good edge grip and fantastic for long arced carving. It also features hardwood beech stringers positioned at the edges for durability and added pop.

In the soft spring conditions we had to really work it to power through the slushy snow and on the flip side, the board felt unstable on a flat section with hard snow.


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