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The Never Summer Proto Type has always been a firm favourite our test team. Is it possible to be the jack and master of all trades? We let it loose in the Austrian Alps to find out.
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Advanced, Expert, Recreational
Flex Rating
All Mountain
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Any level snowboarder that wants a versatile, all-purpose stick without compromise.
Edge hold
Turn initiation
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The Never Summer Proto Type Two superseded the popular Proto a few seasons back and is like a pimped up version of the original. It has been armed with the same camber that has made the Ripsaw such a powerhouse of a board, but with Rocker placed in the middle to make it more playful and forgiving.

The Proto Type two effortlessly speeds down groomers and over flats with speed, with a smoothness of a Bentley in cruise control. It also powers through crud and crust with ease without so much of a wobble underneath.

It is an asymmetrical twin, and really needs to be ridden with an central stance to take full advantage of what is under the bonnet. For anyone who enjoys riding switch, this is the board for you.

A centralised stance is not ideal for powder, but this board has surprising float and seems to hold it's own. Not sure if we would want to go out in the real deep stuff on it though.

The Proto Type Two also has a quick turn initiation thanks to the slight asymmetrical shape, with the edges really locking in for control. This really notices when carving. The rocker works well at counteracting the camber for a more catch-free ride.

The camber really does allow for a spring loaded pop for ollies or kickers and coming out of carves. The well-placed rocker section gives the board a forgiving nature for washed out landings.

Jibbing around the slope has new meaning with Proto Type Two and a real joy for easy buttering and presses. It is also a blast for those park laps and for messing about in the spring time slush.

With the added factor of the Never Summer Proto Type Two being as hard as nails and very durable board, this really does seem to have all bases covered - a real joy to ride.

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