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A good all mountain snowboard should be your trusted companion for whatever you like to get up to in the snow. Our test team has been hard at work putting this season's boards through their paces so that you can take your pick from the best all-rounders on the market.

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They say 'a little of what you fancy does you good' so an all mountain snowboard is the perfect choice if you enjoy doing a little bit of everything on the mountain, whether it's tearing up the park, seeking out powder or enjoying some on piste fun.

When it comes to choosing the right all mountain board to suit your needs there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it is the right snowboard for you.


Whilst freestyle boards usually have a softer flex and freeride boards a stiffer flex, all-mountain boards are usually somewhere in between to give you the best of both worlds.


Generally speaking an all-mountain board will have a directional or directional twin shape. This favours riding in one direction slightly more than the other but will still allow you to ride switch if you like to change it up.


When you hold your board upright and length is in between your chin and nose, then typically, that board is within the size range for an all mountain rider. Freestylers tend to go with shorter boards and freeriders with longer boards.

Rocker / Camber

A rocker, also known as a reverse-camber board, is camber turned on its head and can make an ideal choice for an all mountain board, with the rise of the tip and tail away from the snow resulting in easier float in deeper powder. A rocker snowboard will also give a looser, more manoeuvrable feel, freeing up the contact points for less edge catching and offering a more confidence inspiring ride for beginners.

We've tried and tested the best new all mountain snowboards this year to bring you the very best of the bunch for the 2018-2019 season.


Bataleon Goliath | £469   Womens.jpg  Mens.jpg


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bataleon goliath snowboard

BEST FOR:  Someone who wants one great board to shred it all. 

If you only have space in your luggage for one board, make sure you pack the Goliath. If you like to charge across the whole mountain laying down carves and spending time in the park, you will love this ride. The Goliath is crammed full of tech, including Bataleon’s Triple Base Technology (3BT), which lifts the base slightly at the nose and tail contact points so you don’t have to  worry about catching an edge. This is a really lightweight board, with a wood core of Paulownia & Poplar, upgraded with two hollowed-out carbon rods along the length of the board for the 2018/19 season. These, along with the existing Carbon stringers, make the board even lighter and add an awesome amount of pop, great for hunting out those side hits.

A versatile board that lets you ride with confidence. Our pick of the pack.



Jones Explorer | £395  Mens.jpg Womens.jpgJones Explorer Snowboard 2019

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BEST FOR:  Progressing Backcountry intermediates

Offering great value for money, the Explorer is full of tech, including a premium poplar wood core, fast sintered base and Traction Tech edges. A directional rocker shape and a heavy rockered, spoony nose significantly improves float and gives easy manoeuvrability. 

A healthy amount of camber under foot adds great edge hold - this paired with the Traction Tech serrated edges means you can shred hard without fear of washing out. With a medium flex and a nice amount of pop to it, the Explorer is a great choice to help push your riding up a level. 

New in 2018 and it was very well received, and it looks like 2019 will be just as strong.

VERDICT: 8/10 


Burton Custom Flying V | £510 Mens.jpg Womens.jpgburton custom flying v snowboard 2019

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BEST FOR: Riders who want the definitive ‘quiver of one’.

Burton’s Custom board has been at the top of the tree for about 20 years now. The Flying V profile gives you rocker between your feet, camber underneath the bindings and then rocker again towards the tip and tail. Rocker between the feet gives you great manoeuvrability and a playful feel. Camber under your feet paired with Burton’s ‘frostbite’ edges provide great edge hold and a poppy ride. Rocker again towards the tip and tail gives great float in powder, plus the stance on the board is naturally set back a touch (12.5mm), which we find really adds ease to floating.

Top to bottom carves, park laps, tree runs or pow - the Custom FV does it all.

VERDICT: 8/10 


Arbor Swoon Rocker | £490  Womens.jpgarbor swoon rocker snowboard 2019

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BEST FOR:  Those looking for a fun and playful all-mountain board

The rocker version of the female-only Swoon has a soft forgiving flex but plenty of energy, making it feel super playful. The setback stance and continuous rocker make this a winner for taking on powder, and the Swoon will float effortlessly through the deepest of snow. On hard pack Grip Tech sidecut under the bindings gives extra edge hold, making for quick turns, but if you push this board on piste you’ll find it’s not as stable as its cambered sister. The mountain twin shape, playful flex and light weight also make the Swoon a natural for park work, side hits and buttering.

A super fun and playful board to take you all over the mountain

VERDICT: 9/10 


Never Summer Proto Type II | £589 Mens.jpg Womens.jpgNever summer prototype II 2019 2

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BEST FOR:  Charging hard in all conditions.

Never Summer boards have never been cheap, but put the Proto alongside rival boards and you can see why there is a premium to pay. If it’s your first shred after a long lay-off, its stability lets you crank it up off the first chair. The Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile features enhanced camber under foot, with a reverse rocker section between the bindings making the Proto super stable at speed, with superb edge-hold. The twin shape lets you hone your switch riding while the sintered base will leave your pals in your wake. It is noticeably lighter thanks to the lightweight wood core, and it feels poppy when you load it up in the park. 

The perfect resort board if you want to shred across the whole mountain.  



Never Summer West | £589 Mens.jpg Womens.jpgnever summer west 2019

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BEST FOR:  Experienced all-mountain snowboarders.

If you’ve got a few quid to spend then the West could be your new best friend. Pronounced camber under foot gives it superb edge hold, letting you carve really aggressively. The sintered base is super fast and although it tends to need waxing more than most, when you wax it well you’ll glide past other riders when they’ve stopped on the flat. The wood core is nice and light and the internal dampening layers help reduce chatter in harder packed snow. A varied sidecut helps with edge hold and produces smooth turn initiation, which makes it one of the nicest carving boards we’ve tested.

One of the best all-mountain snowboards on the market - fast, responsive and reliable.



Salomon Assassin | £450 Mens.jpg Womens.jpgSalomon ASSASSIN 2019

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BEST FOR: Intermediate all-mountain freestylers

The Assassin is an all-mountain/ freestyle directional twin board that works super well in a variety of conditions. The ‘Rock Out Camber’ profile features a stable flat section between the bindings, camber under foot to help lock in an edge and rocker in the nose and tail to help float in the fresh and to butter about the whole mountain. The Quadralizer sidecut makes turn initiation predictable and provides ultimate edge control, giving you the confidence to charge harder. The board feels nimble, has great pop and features cork sidewalls to help reduce chatter on harder packed snow. 

If you’re looking for one board to do it all, the Assassin is a great option.



YES Standard | £435 Mens.jpg Mens.jpgyes standard 156 snowboard 2019

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BEST FOR: Park dwellers who hit the powder when it snows

Another all-mountain / freestyle hybrid board that works super well in the pow thanks to added volume in the nose, while the true twin shape helps with switch landings. Featuring a Camrock profile with camber between the bindings and rocker in the nose and tail, the Standard holds an edge well and has plenty of pop. 

A variety of different woods makes it light and responsive and added bamboo stringers increase the snap and liveliness of the ride. Between the bindings, its edges are indented 1.5mm creating a quicker edge-to-edge response. Fairly stiff, so definitely not for beginners. 

A super poppy twin board that is just as useful in powder as in the park.



Rossignol Diva LF | £415 Womens.jpgRossignol Diva LF

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BEST FOR: Charging the groomers and lapping the park.

A classic all-mountain board with aggressive camber right to the inserts, a slight rocker in the nose and tail and medium stiff flex making for a board with good pop and heaps of energy. Rossignol have switched things up by giving the Diva a twin shape and centred stance adding to its freestyle cred, but hampering it a little in the pow. Mellow Magtek edges give great turn and help the Diva chop through crud with ease. It felt quick edge to edge and urethane strips dampen the ride to help prevent chatter, making this a super stable, versatile and fun board. 

An awesome, versatile board for the groomers, if slightly lacking in the powder. 



YES Basic | £360 Mens.jpg Womens.jpgyes basic snowboard 2019

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BEST FOR: All riders, beginner to advanced, who want a great-value board

Don’t be fooled by the name. Although the Basic is suitable for newbies, our expert testers would still happily shred this board. Great for all-mountain / freestyle riding, the Basic is a true centered twin, so lends itself well to switch riding. It has a CamRock profile with camber underneath the bindings and rocker in the nose and tail. One of the biggest tech advantages you get over other budget boards is ‘Underbite Outline’, which brings in the edges under the bindings. This increases the pressure and grip on the piste, so you can carve harder without fear of the board washing out on you. It has a medium flex that is easy enough to press & jib and biaxial glass that helps give the Basic a mellow, non-aggressive feel.

Great for beginners and for advanced riders after a board that won’t break the bank.


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