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Food delivery service French Alps

A novel food delivery service is making life easier for skiers staying in resorts in the French Alps. Huski, founded by three British skiers, has been delivering quality cooked food to snow hunters in French ski resorts for six years. In that time, the team has won over the French customer, second only to the Brit, and accumulated a sizeable French following accounting for 35% of sales.

The service was born out of frustration with the long queues and high prices at tiny resort supermarkets. Huski's co-founder Paddy Griffith explains, "We thought, there’s got to be another way, someone that will fill your fridge on arrival, where you can select different meals for different members of the family, source local wines at reasonable prices and where you can order food that’s free from gluten/dairy/meat."

Huski's team of restaurant-trained chefs, based in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, hand-make all meals locally. While the menus span a range of cultures – Indian, Thai, Italian, and British – it's the Savoie menu that wins hands down. Griffith attributes this success to Huski's "slavish attention to detail and sourcing of local ingredients."

Brexit was the catalyst for Huski to build its own kitchen in the heart of the Alps, with the mission of creating locally inspired dishes with maximum taste and minimum food miles. While the initial inclusion of Cottage Pie on the menu caused confusion among the French, the dish quickly gained popularity and helped establish Huski as a Brexit success story.

Huski's most requested dish is Tartiflette, a fairly recent invention created by the Reblochon trade union in the '80s in an attempt to increase sales of Reblochon cheese. Today, the dish can be seen on virtually every menu in every mountain-side eatery in the French Alps and, of course, on the Huski menu.

Skiing with kids can be a challenge, with the never-ending to-do list of luggage dumping, ski equipment fitting and collection, and negotiating through packed supermarket aisles. Huski offers a much-needed solution for skiers, allowing them to pre-order a range of meals for the whole family, including options for those with dietary restrictions.

Huski's service is a game-changer for those who want to make the most of their time on the slopes, without worrying about finding a table for the family in a local restaurant or spending hours in a tiny resort supermarket. With its locally inspired and high-quality dishes, Huski is the perfect partner for any skier looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy their time on the mountain.

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