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We take a look at Skins DNAmic thermal compression base layers to see if they can really help us ski harder for longer. Read the review here.
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These aren't just for athletes!

Skins DNAmic compression thermal base layers have a thermal lining to keep you warm out on the slopes but also feature dynamic gradient compression which is designed to increase endurance and decrease the amount of time it takes for your body to recover after exercise.

In use the 'warp knit' fabric feels taught but still allows for freedom of movement with plenty of articulation around all the major joints. They feel supportive around the major muscle groups and feel like they help to keep everything aligned which is especially helpful if you've suffered from joint or muscle injury in the past.

The brushed interior provides excellent breathability and a soft feel against the skin and most importantly keeps you warm out on the slopes.

In terms of the performance claims, although difficult to measure, compression clothing in general has a sound scientific basis. We certainly felt the benefits of all the science that goes into these baselayers and after skiing in them we'd find it hard to go back to non-compression base layers thanks to the real world differences we felt in our endurance on the slopes and recovery times off.

In conclusion the Skins DNAmic compression thermal base layers are a great base layer for their thermal properties alone but when you add the compression benefits they really become worthy of the £160 (set of tops and bottoms) price tag.

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