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When our test team took the new, 2018 version of the Burton Déjà vu out for a spin on the Austrian slopes of Kauneral, did they enjoy the ride, or just suffer from Déjà vu?
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Advanced, Expert, Recreational
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Riders who enjoy a relaxed, loose and fun ride
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score

The Burton Deja Vu is that all mountain board fit to ride across any terrain at ease, due to it's Flying V profile. It's a board for people of broad levels from intermediate up to expert and with a jaw dropping price of only £325 attached to it. If all you are looking for is to have a super fun day on the mountain with no pressure to ride too hard. It's great value for money.

This board, with rocker in the middle means incredible flexibility and a real playful and loose feel. It's great for popping off edges and generally having fun on all the natural features that come your way. The Deja Vu is super responsive and has a fast turn initiation

However it's not necessarily for the full on mountain chargers who just want to smash it on the pistes. The flexibility means that it's not the best through the long and fast carving turns and could feel a little too 'loose' at times. Although, it is very forgiving and doesn't suffer from edge catching.

The Deja Vu may not be a full-on mountain charger, but it is solid across uneven terrain and at lower speeds. You could do a lot worse for those powder runs. The flying V profile lifts the board and creates good float.

We took it for a few park laps and the Deja Vu could more than handle itself. Fun on the smaller kickers but probably worth staying clear of getting big air.

Overall, The Deja Vu is a great all-mountain board and exceptional value for money.

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