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Brand new for 2018, we review the Burton Free Thinker. A full camber all mountain board that is penned as the younger sibling to the iconic Burton Custom.
burton free thinker
Advanced, Expert
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All Mountain
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For advanced riders who want a more playful board than the Custom
Edge hold
Turn initiation
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New for 2018, the Burton Free Thinker is an aggressive true twin camber. The retro full camber is not the only throwback to the golden age of snowboarding, as the striking top sheet graphics by ex-skater, now artist, Mark Gonzalas, will have many reminiscing. Especially with the iconic 'ghost' making an appearance.

As for the performance, it is an easier ride than the iconic Custom, and feels like it's more fun, younger brother.

That is not to say that the Free Thinker is more suited for intermediate or casual riders, as being full camber it is still an aggressive ride and can be catchy.

This is also not for mellow riders as you do have to put some effort in, but it is a dream at speed if you do, feeling like greyhound chasing a rabbit, it just goes! A real powerhouse

The Free Thinker also feels stable at speed, is great along the flats, and handles uneven terrain well. We also loved carving with the Free Thinker with the edges really locking in so you can really dial-in those curves.

The benefits of being camber is that it can dial up the pop to max and so much fun on kickers.

The Burton Free Thinker also has a blunted nose for those presses, and although good for boxes and rails, it is not the easiest for jibbing about on the groomers.

Although we didn't get the chance to take it into a pipe, it is obvious that it would perform well.

In powder it was okay, but being camber, didn't quite have the lift and felt like hard work.

We actually prefer the Burton Free Thinker to the Custom as, despite being an aggressive mountain charger, it also has a mischievous fun side to it that gives it a more all-mountain feel.

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