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The Snow Magazine test team reckon that the Burton Process Flying V is an awesome freestyle orientated all-mountain board.
burton process flying v
Advanced, Expert, Recreational
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Intermediate to expert riders that want an all-mountain board with a playful element
Overall Score

The wavy hybrid Flying V profile is so suited to the Burton Process and makes for a board that slants towards a freestyle theme. But it's also an awesome all-mountain board too. This is a softer more playful ride than the Burton Custom and retails at a lower price.

The first thing we noticed was how responsive it was from edge to edge and how easy it was to dial-in those intricate short radius turns. For a softer board, It held an edge well and was able to power through the spring snow we found with ease and lock-in those fast sweeping carves. The Process Flying V also handles speed well, even across flats, tracked out snow and crust.

The squeezebox core transfers energy towards the tip and tail for stability and effortless ollies, it also creates great pop which is useful when carving as it just pops you out into the next turn which is very satisfying.

Even though it was good at handling speed and carves it is also great in the park and we felt it would handle a pipe with the edge control and responsiveness that this board has. It's a dream ride for those who enjoy buttering, pressing and hitting natural side kickers as it is flexible, poppy and extremely forgiving.

We would recommend the Burton Process Flying V for intermediate/advanced riders, as it is an easy and forgiving board to ride, however, when you want to really push it, it delivers.

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