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New for 2018, we reviewed the Burton Storyboard in hard-packed spring conditions to test it's mettle.
burton storyboard
Advanced, Expert
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Riders who want a solid, hard and controlled ride.
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score

Brand new for the 2017-18 season, the Burton Storyboard is a solid piece of machinery with long edge control to hold through any turn. Holds especially well on hard compact pistes and at high speeds it just takes you along for the ride; I am in the need for speed!

Through the long and fast sections, we felt in total control with no fear of slipping out. Don't get me wrong, with it's traditional camber profile, this board needs to be ridden aggressively, and isn't the best for the more chilled out rider but for those looking to ride fast and feel secure this is a great option.

The Storyboard is the mad max of all mountain slayers and will charge through and pulverise anything from hard crud, crust to death cookies. Totally hardcore.

A good option for the powder days as well as although it's got a low flex, it'll keep you afloat and charge you right through. Not the board if you want to jib and pop around and generally have a carefree day but absolutely the board for a long satisfying day of hard mountain piste riding.

If you plan to hit the park you may want to leave this board at the gates! We had fun hitting small kickers but not for anything else.

Beginner and intermediate riders will want to stay well clear of the Storyboard, as it is not the for the faint hearted.

At £525 it is quite expensive to have a a second board and is probably going to suit those who spend all winter long searching for the powder and riding big mountain

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