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K2 have a seriously great snowboard team, and an R&D lab where the K2 boffins can come up with creations that touch the snow just a day later. So they can test and test until they their dreams come to fruition. The Turbo Dream is one of the finest snowboard specimens to escape the lab.

k2 turbo dream snowboard
Advanced, Intermediate
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Spraying powder, hiking for lines, freeride exploration
Low speed
High speed
Overall Score

The Turbo Dream by K2 is all-mountain freeride board built for smashing up powdery terrain, but also a smooth carving machine on piste. We loved taking this board over choppy terrain to test out the Harshmellow dampening. This board is great for smoothing out bumps and lumps, which also means it's great for people with dodgy knees!

We had the opportunity to test it out in it's natural habitat - powder snow. And boy, does this thing float! Everyone that managed to get a powder run in didn't want to give it back. It also makes you feel very planted and secure when you're riding, which makes you want to go for it even more.

Someone who loves to explore powdery terrain and charge about having a riot would get the best from this board. It really does live up to its name.

 Powder runs, low railing Euro carves, hikes for freshies - the Turbo Dream will devour it all.

 No downsides to report here. A simply stunning board.

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