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Never Summer's high end all mountain board, the Proto Type 2 is a multi-camber true twin rig, we review it on the mountains of Pila.

never summer proto type two snowboard
Advanced, Expert
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
All mountain riders who stick to pistes, powder and kickers
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Easy to ride and stable in variable piste conditions
Can hook up if you play around too much

First impressions of the Proto Type 2 are that it's easy to ride in variable piste conditions, from hard pack to chopped up crud and slush, and it doesn't demand massive rider input.

Having said that if you do like to charge hard it gives a bit back and lays trenches in the snow in fast carve turns, the asymmetrical shape helps things along with a deeper sidecut on the heelside giving more purchase and therefore inspiring confidence.

We really rate the Proto Type 2 for stability in difficult conditions, it's known as being a fairly damp board and this plays out on the slopes, with a super smooth ride at speed but sometimes at the expense of a bit of character.

The profile is quite an aggressive version of Ripsaw with rocker under the feet and camber between the inserts, this gives it the surfy feel of rocker but the precision and power of camber, we found this generally great on piste but it can catch you out and it feels a little hooky at times.

The Proto Type 2 has plenty of pop and that dampening and stability make it good off kickers but where it fares less well is on rails or for buttering where you really have to press beyond the transition points to make sure it doesn't hook up.

Overall a great all mountain snowboard if you favour pistes, kickers and powder and don't have a lot of interest in buttering and jibbing.

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