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We review Nidecker's entry level all mountain snowboard, the Score.

nidecker score snowboard
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Beginner piste riders looking to progress to intermediate level with a bit of freestyle thrown in
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Good edge hold in medium to high speed turns
Can be sketchy at lower speeds and not one to ride aggressively

Nidecker's score is a refreshingly low priced, entry level snowboard that's designed to get you off rental boards and into your first experience of ownership.

As such it displays all the traits of a solid beginner's snowboard, with soft, easy going flex, a directional shape and decent edge hold in (some) turns. What lets this snowboard down though is the sketchiness at lower speeds where it wants to float around the place rather than holding a line, not exactly a confidence booster if your ability dictates that most of your riding is done at these speeds. What this does mean though is that you don't necessarily have to properly engage the edge to move around the slopes which could be helpful for a beginner, if not encouraging of good technique.

At higher speeds the Score fares much better with surprisingly good edge hold and as you progress, you'll find you can start to get the feel for laying down carves on well-maintained pistes. And we say well-maintained because at higher speeds the softness makes it a bit flappy and chattery, and stability really starts to suffer if you're powering through chopped up snow.

Overall the Score is a fun and forgiving board for a beginner to ride, with a little bit of a high speed sting in its tail, it throws a wobbly if you try to ride it too aggressively but that's really not what it was designed for.

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