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A good all mountain snowboard should be your trusted companion for whatever you like to get up to in the snow. Our test team has been hard at work putting this season's boards through their paces so that you can take your pick from the best all-rounders on the market.

top 10 best all mountain snowboards

libtech-terrain-wrecker_web.jpgLib Tech Terrain Wrecker | £468 Mens

BEST FOR Experienced all-mountain chargers.

Despite looking like it should be in an art gallery, the Terrain Wrecker is real bad-ass on the slopes.

New for 2018, it’s a robust and serious piece of kit, with great attention to detail that can handle everything that can be thrown at it. It cut through uneven terrain with ease and felt stable underfoot at all times. It also felt stable at speed without the slightest hint of chatter.

It is an aggressive board that won’t tolerate weak riding, but gives loads back when pushed. Twin directional and with edges that really lock in for carving, it’s got the pop for kickers and not only is a mountain charger but fun for ground tricks and side kickers.

VERDICT - 9/10

A directional but accomplished all-mountain freestyle board that will be here to stay.

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Never Summer Proto+Type+Two+154+2017_web2.jpgSnow 2017 snowboard of the year.jpgNever Summer Proto Type Two | £589 Mens

BEST FOR Any level boarder who wants an all-purpose stick without compromise.

The Never Summer Proto Type Two superseded the popular Proto a few seasons back and is like a pimped up version of the original.

It has been armed with the same camber that has made the Ripsaw such a powerhouse of a board, but with Rocker placed in the middle to make it more playful and forgiving. The Proto Type Two effortlessly speeds down groomers and over flats, easily powering through crud and crust.

It is an asymmetrical twin, and needs to be ridden with a central stance – so ideal for anyone who enjoys riding switch. Despite this it has surprising float and seems to hold its own in powder. Turn initiation is quick and the edge control solid, with a catch-free ride and rewarding pop for ollies and kickers.

VERDICT - 10/10

Playful and forgiving, jibbing around the slope has new meaning with this board.

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Roxy Sugar_web.jpgRoxy Sugar Banana | £315 Womens

BEST FOR Riders who want relaxed fun.

It’s easy to see why this board is so popular – it has so much pop! It’s perfect for learning new tricks in the park or just jibbing around on the pistes and having fun.

It’s amazingly responsive with quick transitions all round – although, maybe not for those large roundhouse carves, as the edges don’t bite in enough. Although it’s very poppy, you feel completely stable as the rocker shape really holds you in that more tricky terrain.

The flat sections underfoot are great for control. Being True Twin, you can flip back and forth to switch and then let it hold you through any carve without even thinking about it. 

VERDICT - 9/10

One of the best boards for girls who want to have fun and still hit some features.

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ride_warpig_large_web.jpgRide Warpig | £400 Mens

BEST FOR Advanced riders wanting to try something new.

The Ride Warpig is a short, wide board that is suprisingly good at almost everything.

The board delivers an easy and enjoyable ride in powder with nice float. It is a directional board, with rocker underfoot and a flat zone in the middle. It also has very aggressive angles that look like they have been designed by someone with anger management problems – in practice, this locks in for carving and turn initiation is superb.

Another big plus is that it is extremely light and doesn’t mind being thrown around. It has good pop too and is relatively forgiving, so great for side hitters, kickers and jibbing too.

VERDICT - 9/10

An accomplished all-rounder that is a lot of fun despite its ‘different’ appearance.

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GNU-spacecase_web.jpgGNU Space Case | £522 Mens

BEST FOR Good all-mountain riders with freestyle leanings.

After winning Best Snowboard last season, we were eager to see if the Space Case still had that magic – it has!

With heavy freestyle leanings it loves jibbing around, with butters and presses effortless. This works because of the rocker in the middle, but the big zone of camber underfoot gives a powerful pop. The Gnu also has a nice meaty solid feel on kickers and it doesn’t wash out on sketchy landings.

It is certainly more than just a jib stick and really lets fly on the groomers. If pushed, it can really motor at speed and handles flats well, not to mention crud, spring mashed potatoes – it loves the deep stuff too!

VERDICT - 10/10

Not a mountain charger but solid on the slopes and seriously playful in the park. 

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Burton Free Thinker_web.jpgBurton Free Thinker | £490 Mens

BEST FOR Advanced riders who want a more playful board.

New for 2018, the Burton Free Thinker is an aggressive true twin camber. It is an easier ride than the iconic Custom, and feels like its more fun, younger brother.

That said, it is still an aggressive ride and can be catchy. It’s not for mellow riders either, as you have to put some effort in. But at speed it is a dream, great along the flats, and handles uneven terrain well. It’s a joy to carve, with the edges really locking in.

The benefits of being camber is that it can dial up the pop and have so much fun on kickers. The blunted nose is good for presses, but although good for boxes and rails, it is not the easiest for jibbing about on the groomers. 

VERDICT - 9/10

Despite being an aggressive mountain charger, it also has a mischievous fun side.

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ride_omg_138_web.jpgSnow 2017 all mountain women's board of the year.jpgRide OMG | £260 Womens

BEST FOR Intermediate-advanced riders looking to push their skills.

The Ride OMG is that ultimate board for girls to really push their freestyle skills to a new level, all the while having an awesome time on the rest of the mountain.

This asymmetrical twin hybrid camber style board gives you that extra control and balance for all elements thrown at you; Camber in the middle for all the ‘snap’ you need with rocker tip and tail to keep you in control on any terrain, whether that’s carving in choppy conditions or landing awkwardly after a kicker. It forgives all sins!

You also get amazing stability on the pistes at speed, and confidence in choppy, hard-crust and powder. In the park is where this lap fiend is happiest though – extra buttery for presses on boxes and rails and a dream on the kickers.

VERDICT - 10/10

Fantastic stability and playfulness on the hill and a dream machine in the park.

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West la hache_web.jpgWest La Hache | £480 Mens

BEST FOR Experienced riders wanting a Swiss-army stick.

West is a small Swiss brand and the La Hache is their flagship board, oozing quality, with a hint of menace.

In use it’s a real powerhouse of a snowboard that will cut through crust and remain stable, even when charging hard. It also allows for good speed for getting over those flat sections in spring snow. This board excels at carving as the edges really lock in before releasing an energetic pop – a pop which also makes for good ollies and kickers. Groomer jibbing is fun if you put in the work.

It’s not loose or playful but this board will forgive dodgy landings and is not catchy at all. It also handles pretty well in powder.

VERDICT - 9/10

A veritable Swiss Army knife of snowboards as it will handle anything, anywhere.

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GNU-ladies-choice_web.jpgGNU Ladies Choice | £460 Womens

BEST FOR Riders who want a do-it-all freestyle board.

The GNU Ladies Choice isn’t for the lighthearted – a real mountain stomper for the adventurous.

This asymmetrical board will make any turn feel amazing whether it be a long carve or quick transition. The stability is incredible and will make you feel like you can ride anything. It is of course a freestyle board at heart, and a number one option in the park, but don’t think that’s all it’s good for!

It holds you extremely well on fast flat areas as well, with no feeling of slipping out. The medium flex holds well in powder, and the true twin shape makes riding switch a breeze, it’s easy to see why this is Jamie Anderson’s weapon of choice.

VERDICT - 9/10

One of the best boards for girls who want to ride long, fast all-mountain days.

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Burton Off Axis Process_web.jpgBurton Process Off-Axis9 | £370 Mens

BEST FOR Riders who want a playful all-mountain board.

We tested the Process Flying V last year and had a blast on it.

The Burton Process Off Axis is like the grown up brother that still has a mischievous streak. Solid when carving, this board needs to be ridden aggressively to get the most out of it – then it can really fly. Spring half-baked snow was not a problem and despite the camber, it felt stable and forgiving.

Not the number one choice for powder, it still handles the deep stuff well and has a pleasant floaty feeling. A great stick for park laps as it nails boxes and rails, with a snappy pop for kickers, and fun to jib.

VERDICT - 10/10

A competent, playful and capable all-rounder that’s also great value for money.

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