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The DC Media Blitz is the snowboarding Maestro Torstein's board of choice so we know it is not for the faint hearted. Check out our review to see if our test team was equally as impressed.
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Advanced, Expert
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Best advanced to Expert riders who want to hit the park hard and fast
Overall Score

This is Torstein's board so we knew it was going to be intense, but just didn't expect how intense it was going to be!

The DC Media Blitz is like riding a wild stallion and if you lose concentration then it will throw you off in a heart beat. This board needs to be ridden hard and fast at all times.

It has flex rating of 1 (9 being the flexiest), so you can imagine how stiff this is! In fact, it is the stiffest freestyle board we have ever ridden.

For hitting kickers this is incredible, as long as you attack them with aggression. We can fully understand why this is Torstein's board of choice because it seems to initiate a magical pop that gives an extra boost off even the smallest of side hits, and is then super stable in the air.

It is okay for boxes and pipe, but this is not for those mellow park laps.

We really had a lot of fun taking the Media Blitz out of the park. It is as stiff as a freeride board and can be treated as one. If treated with respect, it really does power through anything in it's way, flattening ice cookies to snow dust.

This board also has good edge control for carving although slightly too slow with initiation response.

The Media Blitz is a lot more versatile that it was a few years back thanks to DC introducing the Double Camber. This gives the board a wavy profile with heaps of camber under foot. It maybe more forgiving that it used to be, but it is still as volatile as a mule that has stepped on a wasp.

Overall, we found the DC Media Blitz to be an insanely stiff board that works wonders on kickers if treated with respect. Not for the faint hearted.

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