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We put the DC Mega through the mill during the Spring Break snowboard test week; check out our review to see if our test team thought the Mega lives up to its name.
dc mega
Advanced, Expert
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Aggressive riders who want a board to rip through the park and hit the groomers with speed
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score

The DC Mega has a 'lock and load' camber profile and is True Twin so is effortless with switch riding. New to 2018, and a welcome addition, is the introduction of wider boards (154W and 57W).

This is an All Mountain Freestyle board that needs to be ridden hard and aggressively. Anything less and it will kick you off faster than a mule with an itch. For this reason, only advanced riders apply!

Rated with a flex of 7 it felt stiffer to me and produced awe inspiring pop and was a dream hitting kickers and side hits. Great fun for park laps.

The DC Mega doesn't like to mess around and needs to be ridden at speed, and not for end of day coasting in warm spring sunshine. Carving was good but didn't quite have the edge control as I would have liked. Also turn initiation felt too much like hard work and could be a bit catchy

Across flats and groomers the DC Mega really lets fly and was a joy to ride, but seemed a bit juddery through the spring crud. The board also held back in the late afternoon slush, especially with tired legs!

Overall, this is a great board for those who want something more than just a run of the mill all mountain board. The DC Mega is designed for a session hitting the groomers hard and fast, before taking on a few park laps.

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