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The Ride Helix is an aggressive traditional camber all-mountain freestyle board that gives as good as it gets. Our test team loved the asymmetrical shape that gives easy turn initiation.
ride helix
Advanced, Expert, Recreational
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Best for
Intermediate and expert riders who like to work hard for performance
Overall Score

The Ride Helix has a defined and angular asymmetrical twin shape, which is great for turn initiation as it makes it easier on the heel side. The shape also makes switch riding a doddle - well almost.

The Helix is an all-mountain freestyle board and highly recommended for a mountain charger who likes the occasional play in the park.

This is a traditional camber board and feels super stable at speed and smashes through uneven terrain like a demon. The stabilisation is helped by Rides very own 'roll in slimewalls' that are designed to reduce chatter by using the dampening properties of urethane, the same stuff that is used in skate wheels. But, it does have the camber trait of being a little catchy and you do need to put the work in to get the full feel of the board, but when you do it feels amazing and pays back in dividends.

The Helix held well for both big and small carves in the quite soft spring snow, but we needed to concentrate as it does have the tendency to want to slide a little.

We would say it's a bit stiff for jibbing in our opinion, but it is still a fun board to ride. It is also a quick board and carry's the speed well across flats.

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