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If you need a winter getaway in a place where you can flex your mind as well as your muscles, the truly unspoilt and undiscovered Val d’Arly has just what you crave – unhurried tranquility with access to 300km of ski slopes.

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Where is it? 

Val d’Arly Val d’Arly is a charming French alpine valley, stretched out over 20 km between Megève and Albertville. It’s made up of several postcard-pretty villages and resort-villages – Crest-Voland / Cohennoz, Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle, La Giettaz en Aravis and Notre Dame de Bellecombe. – sitting clustered between the varied ski areas of Espace Diamant and Les Portes Du Mont-Blanc, which between them have 300km of slopes.

Why is it undiscovered?

It’s easy for the smaller voices to get drowned out in the buzz about bigger, brighter and busier. Val d’Arly speaks softly but has a big heart. Its four resort villages offer something the purpose-built and bustling ski giants often lack – authenticity, a genuine sense of peace and a respite from the harsh realities of life today. This is slow tourism in the best sense of the phrase.



What can I do there?

Ski, of course. Or snowboard. With local slopes plus two great ski domains to choose from, there are slopes and off-piste to suit every ability, nestled in spectacular mountain scenery. But Val d’Arly is a world apart from the everyday. The culture here is not led by a relentless search for performance; it relies more on values: taking your time, discovering, or getting some fresh air.

Here, there are opportunities to reconnect with nature and your family by going dog-sledding or snowshoeing by moonlight or try the Val d’Arly Cabin Experience – a night in a cabin nestled in snow-covered fir trees. And you might catch a village show staged by the En visite Simone troupe – an immersion in Savoyard heritage!

In the Val d’Arly everything is connected, body and soul, untouched nature and preserved villages, tradition and heritage... It offers everyone the chance to discover, to look within oneself, to enrich oneself... all with a profound respect for the mountains.

So, what makes Val d’Arly special?

This is a destination which relies on three essential pillars: authenticity, multiple activities and slow life. With agriculture  at the heart of the community, Val d’Arly is an ode to the natural alchemy of the land. 

Val d’Arly’s culture

The best way to discover a culture will always be to take the time to immerse yourself in it. Val d’Arly invites you to stroll through the villages, to lose yourself in them, to admire the chalets of days gone by and the hanging houses in Flumet, and above all, to chat to the residents. Only they can tell you about their Val d’Arly. Crest-Voland / Cohennoz, for example, is celebrating the resort’s 70th birthday, with an exhibition tracing the history of skiing at the Espace Diamant

Relax and find your zen

Val d’Arly invites you on a ‘betterment’ journey –  From Plan (La Giettaz in Aravis), a one-hour snowshoe hike in the moonlight brings you to a lovely woodcutter’s cabin, where guests share a fondue Savoyard by the glow of candlelight. With no electricity, the escape is complete., and the descent is carried out by torchlight. Alternatively, try a zen walk from Saint Nicolas la Chapelle village, or yoga at Crest-Voland.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Eating right is an art in Val d’Arly! Beaufort AOP, Tomme de Savoie, Raclette de Savoie IGP, or even the famous Reblochon AOP, the production of which contributes to the preservation of the mountains’ biodiversity and landscapes. These cheeses give pride of place to Savoyard gastronomy, with the producers putting animal well-being at the heart of their craft.

2021-22 Winter Events

12-14 January 2022 - Val d’Arly Skibobbing World Cup

Crest-Voland / Cohennoz and Notre Dame de Bellecombe host a stage of this tournament.

January 2022

Throughout the month, you can compete in a series of challenges for the Diamant Cup.

7-10 March 2022 - Winter Theatre Festival

Each village, slope and restaurant in Val d’Arly will improvise dramatic scenes

What are the villages like?

Traditional chalets, church steeples and mountain lodges: the four resort-villages of Val d’Arly combine local tradition with home-grown hospitality. Here’s what to expect:


Notre Dame de Bellecombe

Perched above the Val d’Arly, Notre Dame de Bellecombe draws you into the heart of the Espace Diamant, with its 192 km of snowy ski runs. This charming old-fashioned village with a good selection of restaurants and shops selling local cheeses, meats and craft beers, reflects the rich heritage of Val d’Arly. A holiday home in the snow just like when you were a kid - with hot chocolate and snowballs. 

Tobogganing_Crest_Voland_Cohennoz_Val_dArly_France © Office de Tourisme du Val d'Arly.jpg

Crest-Voland / Cohennoz

Whether you come with family or with friends, the human scale of this village resort, with its range of accommodation at the bottom of the ski slopes, and traditional restaurants, is sure to delight you. Its gentle ambiance is nurtured by the welcoming locals and the tranquility of its landscapes. Sitting at between 1,200m and 1,300m, the resort provides easy access to the Espace Diamant.

Flumet / St Nicolas la Chapelle

Located in the heart of Val d’Arly, this village resort also linking into the Espace Diamant, is an unspoilt mountain farming community, where local people and visitors mingle in the lively village centre. Unashamedly traditional, it comes with a baroque church, pretty little streets, and is a thriving hub for Reblochon and Beaufort.… all topped with breathtaking views, under the protective eye of Mont-Blanc. 


La Giettaz en Aravis 

In ‘La Giett’, as this high-altitude village is known, visitors will fall in love with the wonderful 360° view from the top of its ski area over the mountain ranges of Beaufortain, Aravis and Mont-Blanc. A seriously secret location which is connected to the Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area with its 100km of runs, this village-resort is a place apart where mountain atmosphere combines with peacefulness.

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