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A good pair of goggles is one of the most important bits of kit for skiers and boarders. In order to avoid skiing off a cliff (unintentionally at least), you need maximum visibility. We've picked the front runners for performance, versatility and comfort to help you pick the right goggles this season.

top 6 best goggles

Cebe Origins M.jpgCébé Origins M | £79 Mens and womens

French company Cébé has long produced affordable top quality ski goggles.

The first thing that impressed us about the Origins M was the size of the spherical lens. Designed to deliver the maximum field of vision, the Origins are a great option for skiers who value a sense of awareness when out on the hill. An additional benefit of the large spherical lens is that there’s enough room to wear glasses underneath.

The Origins M come in a variety of colours with different lenses for a range of conditions. We tested the Cat 2 Orange Flash Fire lens for optimal vision in most conditions and found it to work well in bright sun.

VERDICT - 8/10

Best in bright sun, we recommend the model that includes the Cat 1 – 3 NXT Variochrom Performance Technology. 

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Salomon Four Seven.jpgSalomon Four Seven | £100 Mens and womens

The Four Sevens are retro inspired full-framed goggles designed for Salomon’s 70th birthday. If you buy a pair, Salomon will donate to its own foundation that supports mountain families in need.

In use, the light sensitive Category 1-3 lens works well in both low light and sun and, despite some slight flattening of the blacks is a very impressive lens. The Four Seven’s frame has a small proud plastic rim which, although not ultra trendy, is unobtrusive and provides some protection from stretching when wearing a helmet. Despite claims offering a very wide field of vision, we have seen better. 

VERDICT  - 8/10

A great pair of goggles with a very good all-round lens that negates the need to carry a bad light spare. 

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Dragon_X2s_Realm_LumalensRedIon.jpgSnow 2017 best goggles.jpgDragon X2S | £185 Mens and womens

Everything about these goggles screams quality – from the premium semi-rigid case to the triple foam with hypoallergenic micro fleece lining, the super strong anti-fog lens coating and the armoured venting system.

Dragon’s pioneering approach is evident throughout the X2S, which not only features Dragon’s now-infamous patented frameless technology but innovations such as Swiftlock Lens Technology, which allows riders to switch between lenses quickly and easily. Simply flip up the locking levers integrated into the side of the frame of the goggles, replace the lens with one to suit the conditions and lock again.

VERDICT - 9/10

Pricey but well made and packed with quality and performance tech. If you want the best, you’ve got to invest.

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Smith I_O.jpgSmith I/O7 | £230 Mens and womens

Smith’s top of the range goggle is for skiers and snowboarders with medium-sized faces looking for the very latest in eyewear technology.

From anti-fog tech to the 3-layer DriWix face foam, the I/O 7’s are packed full of impressive features that will enable you to stay focused in a range of conditions. Every one of the 18 frame colour combinations comes with two interchangeable lenses that are switched using Smith’s integrated quick release system. To change lenses, you release two quick-release catches on the top of the lens, pop it out, slide in your new lens and start to shred again. It’s not tricky but it does take practice.

VERDICT - 9/10

Seriously expensive but you get to choose two top-quality lenses with ChromaPop technology.

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Oakley Fall Line.jpgOakley Fall Line Prizm | £170 Mens and womens

The Fall Line Prizm range is our favourite line in Oakley’s huge snowsport eye-wear range. The system produces clarity of vision, partnered with unprecedented levels of light transmission.

The Fall Line’s Prizm HDO lens exceeds standards for impact resistance and quality and is an optically correct cylindrical rimless lens with an effective anti-fog coating. Gone are the days of image distortion and flare. The lenses in the range are easily interchangeable using the solid Ridgelock pattern and they all increase the range and detail of what you can see, highlighting the slightest variation in the snow surface.

VERDICT - 9/10

A classy snowsports goggle from a company still at the cutting edge of technical development and style. 

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Julbo starwind 2.jpgSnow 2017 best value goggles.jpgJulbo Starwind | £165 Mens and womens

The new Starwind is for skiers with small-to-medium faces who have a tendency to fog up. The ingenious Superflow system lets the lens move forward, boosting air circulation. Simply snap the lens back into place when you’re ready to shred.

Transitioning between modes is straightforward but it’s definitely worth practicing – especially with ski gloves. Other features of note include the Starwind’s minimalist, superlight frame and excellent field of vision. When it comes to lenses, there’s a whole range to suit different conditions and rider priority – all of which feature Julbo’s Reactive NXT lens technology.

VERDICT - 9/10

Not exactly cheap, but what you get is a premium, high-quality ski goggle that is well worth the investment.

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